Xarel.lo Summit

27th of June 2016 – Foix’s Hermitage – Torrelles de Foix – Barcelona

Xarel·lo is one of the local, traditional and almost unique varieties of Penedès region. This variety has an important potential to elaborate a huge types of high-quality wines as it has been demonstrated last years.


In this context, we want to invite you to Xarel·lo Summit, an unique event in the word celebrated to delve into this grape’s knowledge and taste the multiple possibilities speaking of the vinification process.


Xarel·lo Summit will allow you to taste wines from 30 different Penedès’ cellars in one event: from the traditional sparkling wine of the region, called cavas, the emergent ancestral wines, to all types of still fermented wines aged in amphoras, barrels, concrete eggs or inox.


We suggest you to visit us and taste our xarel·los on the 27th of June of 2016. We are going to be in one of the most magic spots of our zone, Foix’s Hermitage (Ermita de Foix). This hermitage is located in a privileged place and it is one of the best watchtower from it can be seen all the Penedès’ region.


Xarel·lo Summit

27th June 2016

from 17 to 22h

More information: lacimeradelxarelo@gmail.com